This is an instruction manual that's not an instruction manual.


We are self-sovereigns* and see you as one too. *Equal unto the king.


Fear not death. You are chrysalis. Rather, make death an ally. A force for change.


An exit might be a place, an activity, an object or a state of mind.


Please don't take this so seriously. It's not like our lives depend on it.


You are free to re-order, delete and/or re-purpose this document as you see fit. This is the cultural creative commons -- necessary for our survival. (P.S. credit goes where credit is due.)


Summer 2020. 38 degrees (100F) in Siberia. Expect the unexpected.


Wikipedia: "Jihad is an Arabic word which literally means striving or struggling, especially with a praiseworthy aim." By this definition, designing an exit strategy is a form of jihad. An epic battle with the self. (See #4.)


Don't forget to breathe. We're in this for the long haul and need to pace ourselves.


While designing your exit, we suggest phat grooves* and/or whatever floats your boat. Design in style. *Ethical streaming is a plus.


With all exit designs, one must be in constant self-reflection... "could I go farther than this?" It's exhausting, but this is the discipline.


Work to your strength, but find others that fill the gaps where you're weak. As the Hopi elders said "the time for the lone wolf is over."


The number 9 contains all other numbers. Similarly, the climate crisis contains all other crises -- social, environmental, racial and economic justice. Could it be that we needed something this big in order to solve all of these other problems simultaneously?


Actually, capitalism really sucks the life out of everything and we've had quite enough thank you. (Meaning... even if it wasn't the cause of the climate crisis, we've been ripped to shreds for the sake of the .01% and they can actually f*** off now.)


Everything is about clean food and water. All else is secondary.


Some mystics believe we all chose our specific lives (location and parents) before birth. Contemplation of this possibility may help us settle in to the hard decisions we will face in the coming years.


Maybe our exit could even be more happy, joyful and loving than where we are right now. Maybe it doesn't have to be Mad Max after all?


Every exit looks different from another; this is practical and evidential... as the climate crisis will affect every region differently.


Our personal exit strategy is to prototype The Ark 2.0. Asking the question... where is our life source really coming from? (Air, earth, fire, water, spirit.)


Diversity and proliferation of Exit Designs is a requirement -- we must encourage others to find THEIR particular exits and design the f*** out of them, in whatever badass way they want.


Take a deep breath and try to let the mad rate of change slip away into the background, present, but unperturbed.

wait, wtf is this?

Short answer: a thought experiment designed to trigger thoughts in you.

Long answer: read the hidden header section to learn why we believe we should all start planning our exit from modern society.


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